The Bucket List

26 year old F from Argentina plans to go to Australia towards the end of the year. He’s been in Mexico for 9 months, and wants to go back to his hometown for 2 months before embarking on his next adventure in the land down under. He wants to pursue his masters in Physical Therapy while working in Australia.

When he found out that I’m from NY, he told me he’s worked as a lifeguard in Hunter, NY at a summer camp. While working there, he got 1 day off each week, so him and his friends would get a bike and ride 30km each way and explore Hunter.

Hunter is another one of my dream towns. If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll remember I went plot hunting for fun around some remote mountains a couple of years ago. That was around Hunter. There’s limited cell service in Hunter; but the views make it worth the while.

F told me I should visit Argentina, specifically Patagonia. I shared that hiking the W in Patagonia continues to be one of the only 4 items on my bucket list.

This reminded me that I never think of my bucket list unless someone brings it up in conversation. Either my bucket list needs reprioritization, or my life needs reassessment (my project management tendencies kicking in).

Why am I prioritizing things that aren’t on my bucket list? Should I just throw out my bucket list altogether? Clearly they’re not important enough for me to do it today?

Or… do you intentionally delay getting to your bucket list so you have something to live for? Bucket lists are, after all, meant to last a lifetime. It won’t be fair to the bucket 🪣 if you run through them all in one year, surely.

Or… is the most efficient way to manage a bucket list by getting through the items quickly, and keep replenishing the bucket as you run out of items? That sounds exhausting.

I think I prefer the former strategy. I want to savor my bucket list. The items on it are special. And I don’t want to rush through those experiences.

Food for thought.

F and I looked out over the Channel, watching the storm rolling into the stillness of Cozumel.