Girl on the Train (Hindi)

When a movie is set in foreign land, but the makers pretend like the movie is set in India, you have movies like The Girl on the Train.

  • If someone made a movie about Kannur, but most of the lead cast sounded like they’re from Trissur, with a couple of token Kannur folks in the background, I’d be pretty annoyed. Similarly, this movie is set in London, yet two people sounded like they could potentially be local in the entire movie. They should have set this movie in, idk, Mumbai, if they wanted to rely on the commuter train centerpiece.
  • Um… is there such a thing as doctor patient confidentiality? Or is it the norm for the psychiatrist to automatically hand over recordings of private sessions to cops when the patient goes missing?
  • I’m really glad they wove in a couple of Hindi songs into the movie. Or I wouldn’t have known it was a Bollywood movie.
  • What is up with the cops?
    • The way they question the suspects seem to violate all rights
    • Cops randomly going up to people and smacking them in the face is hilarious
    • What’s also hilarious is how the cops search bags with no warrant

How do these movies even get made? Maybe they’re just like “oh maybe no one will notice”. I hope if I ever write a script that’s this ridiculous, I have at least a couple of friends who would stop me before I spent millions making the movie.